Why Do Real Estate Agents Prefer to Outsource Property Management Assistants?

Outsourced Property Management

Why Do Real Estate Agents Prefer to Outsource Property Management Assistants?

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If you’re in the real estate industry, COVID-19 has undeniably impacted your business much like how the pandemic affected other businesses. Its lasting effects forced many businesses to either adapt to the new normal or file for bankruptcy within the blink of an eye. Many property management agencies learned to adapt and thrive through the pandemic by outsourcing property management assistants offshore,  which is also known as property management virtual assistants. But why would real estate agents prefer to outsource property management assistants instead of employing in-house property management assistants?

Outsourcing Property Management Assistants offshore has been shaking the entire real estate industry even before the pandemic knocked the world off its axis, and there’s a good list of reasons why. Hell-bent to restore the real estate industry, offshore staffing solutions, like the Purple Powered VA, have tailored their business model to cater to property management agencies of all sizes to make capital expenditure decisions easy. Hiring property management virtual assistants (VAs) presents numerous benefits that have encouraged property management owners and property managers to outsource VAs over employing in-house property management assistants.

Check out the reasons why real estate agents prefer to outsource property management assistants, and why you should too:

#1: Outsourcing Property Management Assistants Gives You the Much-Needed Pair of Extra Hands in Your Real Estate Business

Outsource Property Management Assistant Extra Pair of Hands Needed

The end of the financial year is when you must wrap up your books and finalise your tax time paperwork. And then before you know it, last-minute invoices pop up like mushrooms. You try your best to tie up all the loose ends and dot the i’s and cross the t’s. And by the time the start of the financial year begins, you discover five invoices left untouched sitting somewhere on your desk, rendering you frustrated beyond belief.

You’d wish you had an extra pair of hands, wouldn’t you? The good news is, whether it’s the end of the financial year or not, you can have an extra pair of hands in your property management business all year round. Imagine being able to delegate non-dollar productive property management tasks to outsourced property management assistants. 

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While it is true that the in-house property management assistants can do such administrative tasks, the amount of money and resources you spend on employing a VA is relatively cheaper compared to delegating these tasks to an in-house property management assistant. Moreover, the current in-office team will have the opportunity to receive training for more crucial property management tasks and have more time to focus on core operations. From phone calls to emails and invoices to meetings, you and your team will never have to miss anything because property management virtual assistants are here to fix your chaos.

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#2: Outsourcing Property Management Assistants Doesn’t Just Free Up Your Time

Outsource Property Management Free Up Your Time.png

While property management virtual assistants and in-house property management assistants can both help free up your time, VAs can offer so many more benefits. Outsourcing property management assistants does not just save you time in accomplishing all non-dollar productive tasks, it also helps you save a significant amount of money, and, most importantly, sanity!

A lot of people think that outsourcing property management assistants offshore is just another expense, but that’s one of the property management myths that is debunked to this day. But in some cases, hiring a property management virtual assistant does become an expense, simply because the client isn’t ready. Before you decide to hire your own VA, you have to make sure that your business has processes and systems in place. Your business must have a protocol that your VA can follow if critical situations arise. But, rest assured, once your business has processes and systems in place, your seasoned VA will do wonders for your business beyond what you can imagine.

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In addition to having the perks of saving time when you hire a seasoned property management virtual assistant, you’ll get to spend more time nurturing relationships with your clients. What’s more, you can finally achieve a work-life balance as the VA reintroduces the word ‘weekend’.

#3: Your Real Estate Business is Not too Small to Hire a Property Management Virtual Assistant

Outsource Property Management Assistant for Small Real Estate Business

An established property management agency would most likely think that outsourcing a property management assistant offshore is a good investment given the benefits. However, for those property management agencies which are just growing their first 50 doors, they will most likely feel reluctant and skeptical about exploring outsourcing property management assistants. Having a one-man team to operate all business operations may be doable for a startup company, but once you have grown your company, you will find yourself in a time-crunch more often than not, risking the quality of your service. As you expand your business, the needs of your company grow. From the skills you and your in-office team need to upgrade to the tools, systems, and processes you use, it will take a collaborative effort to upscale your business seamlessly. You can either choose to do it all yourself and spend a ridiculous amount of time, or you can be wiser and add seasoned property management virtual assistants that are a fraction of the price of in-office property management assistants.

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Always bear in mind that no property manager is superhuman. Collaboration is key to taking your business to the next level. To allow your business to flourish and see substantial growth in production upon hiring your talented property management virtual assistant, you must help them develop and understand your business ethics completely.

#4: Hiring a Virtual Assistant Helps Cut down on Infrastructure Costs

Outsource Property Management Assistant Helps Cut Down Infrastructure Costs

Knowing when and where to get an extra pair of hands to collaborate with you and your property management team is one thing, thinking about their workspace is another. It’s natural to increase infrastructure costs when you hire an in-house property management assistant because it is the nature of an in-office employee to work on-site. But what about when you hire a property management virtual assistant? The good news is, offshore staffing solutions, like the Purple Powered VA, will handle that for you. Property management virtual assistants from Purple Powered VA are outsourced from the Philippines which has a relatively cheaper infrastructure cost compared to your local office. You won’t have to worry about the geographical restrictions because the Purple Powered VA’s business model is designed to cater to your property management business’ needs in employing a property management assistant that will provide top-notch assistance. This VA, who just happens to work remotely, will then be part of your team with gradual training.

#5: Have the Liberty to Choose the Right Property Management Virtual Assistant According to Your Real Estate Business’ Needs and Budget

Outsource Property Management Assistant the Right VA for your Budget

When your property management company is running on a tight budget, especially when facing a crisis that is pandemic, you would probably dismiss the idea of outsourcing property management assistants offshore. But if you find yourself having such important tasks overshadowed by a hectic schedule, you’re going to set yourself and your team up for burnout having your weekdays bleed into your weekends. Fortunately, the Purple Powered VA devised a new business model so you get to choose the right property management virtual assistant for your business that is suitable for your budget. And here’s how it works:

#1. Choose Purple Powered VA as your offshore staffing solutions partner.

In choosing Purple Powered VA as your offshore staffing solutions partner, you are presented with a wide array of property management virtual assistants. But before presenting our database, you will be sent a service agreement appointing the Purple Powered VA as your offshore staffing solutions partner.

#2. Is Your Property Management Company VA-Ready?

Once we’ve established that your real estate company is VA-ready, you will be presented with three levels of property management virtual assistants that the Purple Powered VA offers:

1. Entry-Level ppVA – These are VAs that have previous relevant administrative experience and skills that are transferable to property management administration. A VA that is green to the real estate industry.

2. Mid-Level ppVA – These are VAs that have previous property management administrative experience of at least 6 months.

3. High-Level ppVA – These are VAs that have previous property management experience of at least 2 years.

Before these candidates are presented, the property management VA candidates will receive property management training that is relevant and practical. This is what sets Purple Powered VA apart from other offshore staffing solutions companies. The Purple Powered VA puts their property management virtual assistants through the Property Management Academy (PMA) where they complete 28 courses about property management services and operations. It is believed that a VA who is provided targeted and relevant property management training is more productive and more confident when it comes to carrying out the property management tasks delegated to them. Businesses that outsource ppVAs can attest to how their property management virtual assistants quickly and easily master the tasks assigned to them and also know why those tasks need to be accurately and consistently performed.

To learn more about the levels of Purple Powered VA, the cost, and the best fit for your business, book a free demo.

#3. Start the New Journey with Your ppVA

Once you have selected the ppVA that is suitable for your real estate business and budget, they can start working during the schedule, time zone, and operational hours most suited to your business. Don’t waste a second not knowing what a property management virtual assistant can offer. Book a free demo and hire the property management virtual assistant your real estate business needs.

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