What tasks can I allocate to a Purple Powered VA?

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What tasks can I allocate to a Purple Powered VA?

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You can allocate almost every administrative property management task to a Purple Powered VA. These tasks are called ‘non-dollar productive tasks’. If you have an in-house team member working on non-dollar productive tasks, you are instantly increasing overheads and limiting productivity. What’s more, it costs you up to four times more to have an in-house team member carry out these tasks than if you had a Purple Powered VA do these same tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Which tasks can your Purple Powered VA carry out?

Virtually all non-dollar productive or administrative tasks can be allocated to your Purple Powered VA. In fact, out of all the activities associated with property management, between 40 to 60 per cent of each task has administrative elements that are ideal for outsourcing to your virtual assistant. Administrative tasks include the following:

  • New managements – Preparing the management contract, sending letters of confirmation to relevant parties, setting up the property and rental property owner in the property management software, uploading and syndicating marketing collateral onto relevant web portals
  • New tenancies – Processing prospective tenant applications, preparing tenancy contracts and associated documents, setting up the tenant in the property management software
  • Property in-residence inspections – Preparing and issuing entry notices to tenants
  • Rental payments – Sending emails and text messages to delinquent tenants, sending breach notices to tenants in arrears, preparing termination notices for tenants facing eviction
  • Tenancy renewals – Preparing CMAs, preparing and sending letters to rental property owners and tenants, preparing tenancy renewal contracts, updating property management software with relevant information
  • Early terminations – Preparing and sending relevant documents, forms and letters, uploading and syndicating marketing material, updating property management software with relevant software
  • Water invoices – Preparing and issuing water invoices to tenants, following up late payments
  • Vacating tenants – Preparing and sending letters and notices to rental property owners and tenants, uploading and syndicating property marketing material
  • Management terminations – Preparing relevant documents for the transfer of managements being terminated
  • Insurance claims – Preparing relevant documents for insurance claims against rental properties
  • Court preparation – Preparing relevant documents for court hearing requests and claims
  • Contractors and service partners – Preparing and sending relevant forms, documents and letters, setting up contractors and service partners in property management software, issuing reminder notices, updating details for licences and insurance renewals

Each of these tasks requires the assigned team member to have the knowledge, skills, and experience associated with carrying out the task. However, they do not require a real estate license or industry registration certificate since the tasks do not need direct communication with real estate clients. If a property management task does require direct contact with a client, or advice is needed, then it is not appropriate, or legal, to have such tasks outsourced to an unlicensed worker. Rather such tasks should be shared between the internal team and the outsourced worker by implementing team-to-task workflow programs.

Let’s consider Tenancy Applications

Take Tenancy Applications, for instance. Within this property management task, there are about 85% non-dollar productive tasks and the remaining 15% are called ‘dollar productive tasks’. So, how can a Purple Powered VA assist and save you time and money in the process?

When it comes to Tenancy Applications, your property management virtual assistant can fast-track the process by completing the administrative duties. From our offshore office, they can review the applications. They can contact each applicant’s referees, employers and previous managing agents. They can also verify each applicant’s earnings, utility payments and address history and confirm their rental amount, term and move-in date. Your virtual assistant can summarise these findings and give them to your in-house team member who can then provide appropriate recommendations to property owners.

This is how a Purple Powered VA could help with just one property management task! Think of all the other tasks in your real estate business and imagine the savings you could make by hiring a property management virtual assistant that is purple powered.

Ready to hire your first Purple Powered VA?

By now, we hope you’re convinced about the value that a property management virtual assistant can provide to your real estate business. So, are you ready to take the next step? Hiring your first property management virtual assistant starts with selecting the right offshore staffing solution partner. At Purple Powered VA, we specialise in virtual assistants trained in property management services and operations. We understand the property management industry and only select the best talent to be Purple Powered VAs.

If you’d like to get started or find out more, contact us today for a no-obligation chat about how we can help your real estate business.

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