Real Estate Training

What is real estate training?

Real estate training can be broken into two distinct areas. The first area is the selling of properties between parties. There is a seller and buyer, and the sales agent is the person who brokers the transaction between them. Most sales agents undertake study in this area to qualify as a licensed real estate agent. The second area relates to managing properties. In property management, the property manager is the facilitator between a rental property owner and the tenant of the rental property. People who want to work in property management need to complete studies in real estate courses relating to property management. Both areas are just as important as each other.

Real estate training generally teaches participants about the relevant local and state laws that govern real estate transactions between parties. Most state governments require a person who wants to be a licensed real estate agent or property manager to successfully complete a course to gain accreditation as a licensed real estate agent or sales person or property manager.

Real Estate Training

Although there is a definite need for people to learn about the relevant legislation relating to real estate, there is also a need for them to know how they should perform the actual work of property management. There are very few real estate training providers that offer training in the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of property management. ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy® (iiIPMA) is perhaps the only company that provides this type of real estate training. Offering over 40 courses in property management, undertaking the iiIPMA real estate training is highly advisable for anyone who wants a career in property management.

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Can you take a real estate course online?

Real estate training courses are offered both in-class and online. There has been a shift away from people undertaking in-class real estate classes to more people studying online. There are many advantages of studying online compared to physically attending training in person. The advantages of studying online are a major reason why ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy® was established. iiIPMA now delivers over 40 online training courses in property management.

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What do you have to have to be a property manager?

Most property managers need to complete an accredited real estate course to manage property for a third party. However, just because a property manager has the relevant qualification under law, it does not mean that they are good at the job. There are many facets involved in managing property, including having end-to-end systems, relevant trust accounting software and an understanding of their role acting on behalf of the rental property owner. Since numerous tasks must frequently be done in managing property, undertaking additional training in how and why these tasks are completed is important.

Is there any other real estate training that a business owner or broker owner of a real estate company can do?

The answer is yes. Here is a list of real estate business and leadership courses you can do online through the iiIPMA that will help you manage your property management company. The courses have been specifically developed to help principals, business owners and broker owners have a greater understanding of what is needed to strategically plan, implement, and run the property management business within the real estate company.

Cultivate your business – This course teaches how to build a profitable rent roll and design the business to ensure minimal loss of clients through the back door at the same time. You will learn to produce superior service standards delivery and build a solid business reputation through brand recognition.

Compliance through consistency – This course teaches the importance of adopting systematic processes for every property management task and proven techniques to ensure compliance and best practice. You will learn how to offer the team, clients, and business owners peace of mind through consistent approaches and strategies.

Measuring, monitoring and managing – This course teaches the need to monitor every task that is carried out in the property management division and how to measure operational processes to maximise efficiency and productivity levels. You will learn how business profitability equals efficiency plus productivity.

Recruitment, interview and induction – This course teaches the tools, methods and resources required to employ the right person for the right position and identify the terms, performance standards and role expectations for the selected person. You will learn how to apply guiding principles to recruit, interview and induct the right person for the right role.

Motivate and mentor – This course teaches how to build teams using transformational meetings that have real purpose, objectives and outcomes to drive the business forward. You will learn to conduct meetings that motivate and maximise team and individual performances.

Creating business by design – This course teaches the principles of designing an Agency By Choice by drawing upon lessons from other highly successful companies. You will learn how to create a loyal team, culture, language and standards that create unique and remarkable service standards and business culture.

Business structures for success – This course teaches the objectives of a successful property management business and the cogs that drive it to success, including structure, processes and systems. You will learn the five fundamental cogs that provide the business with the efficiency to achieve promised results and business targets.

Rent roll acquisition – This course teaches the methods to evaluate business acquisition and related high risks and formulate a specialised approach and strategic management. You will learn to identify and plan steps to follow to ensure asset, brand, reputation and business protection by comparing growth through rent roll acquisition.

What real estate training courses can I do to help me in my property management career?

Here is a list of real estate service and operations you can do online through the iiIPMA that can help you in your property management career. The following real estate training courses have been specifically developed to help people starting out in property management, or are already in the industry, to further their property management career.

Understanding your role – The courses in this bundle discuss the need to understand the various roles and functions that exist in property management. The course sequence commences with demonstrating how to formulate endless opportunities into a lifelong career, create ideal work weeks, and finishes with strategies to effectively communicate with all clients to exceed their expectations.

New managements – The courses in this bundle explain and expound upon the importance of accurately managing business data in a timely manner and follow processes and policies to seamlessly convert new managements into the property management portfolio.

New tenancy – The courses in this bundle cover all the tasks and functions that must be completed with a new tenancy. You will learn how to be a positive influence on the tenant from the time they inquire about a property, reside in it and finally vacate, including conducting various types of inspections and effectively handling leasing agreements and renewals.

Maximising returns, optimising growth and caring for clients – The courses in this bundle explain the critical objectives to be achieved in managing property, for both the property and business owners. The courses review the importance of developing policies and procedures for the team to follow in relation to arrears management, fixed term tenancies, maintenance processing, and conducting inspections and reporting.

Managing change during tenancy – The courses in this bundle identify and discuss the numerous tasks involved with a tenant’s occupancy of a property and the need for all parties to understand their roles and responsibilities when changes occur during the agreement period. You will learn the steps and reasons for following policies to manage issues that can be potentially hazardous for all parties involved.

Managing vacating tenants and terminations – The courses in this bundle outline the essential processes and policies to follow to terminate managements and vacate premises with professionalism. You will learn how to manage discrepancies and disagreements that can arise during the termination and vacating process.

Creating consistency through policy and procedures – The courses in this bundle cover the miscellaneous tasks that occur in every company, including filing, mailing, key management and archiving, which are the foundation of operating an organized business. You will learn simple and effective methods to create consistency in these daily tasks.

Ensuring compliance through audit – The courses in this bundle demonstrate how daily, weekly and monthly property management task audits create and provide accountability, compliance, consistency and task completion. The audits provide quality assurance and business target tracking for all aspects of the property management operations. You will learn the different audit types, timings and frequency, and whose responsibility it is to complete them.

In addition, the iiIPMA also offers six courses on real estate growth and prospecting.

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What benefits are there for you to complete additional real estate training online?

In any profession, the education and training that is offered usually involve a course which qualifies or accredits people after they have successfully completed it. Such courses are usually theoretical and only cover the theory or laws that govern working in the profession. This theoretical training is the foundation required for a license or qualification to allow people to formally work in the profession.

However, just because a person has the license or qualification, does not necessarily mean that the person is competent in their job. That’s why additional training in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of managing property is so important for a property manager to know. When the property manager learns about the how and why of property management, they are more competent in performing the tasks that need to be done.

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