Our Partner


We are ShoreAgents, the official service partner for the first-ever fully trained Property Management Virtual Assistant. Check out our humble beginnings.

We provide offshore staffing solutions for the Real Estate Industry

In a modern business world, you need to be able to achieve an edge over your competition, and this is precisely why we created ShoreAgents. We find and recruit highly skilled Filipino staff that work dedicated to your business, helping you scale and reduce overheads. Plugin the purple powered training packages, and you have yourself a highly skilled Property Management Virtual assistant helping you run a lean and robust business.

What are the responsibilities of our Partner?

Our partner will deliver highly skilled candidates and provide a world-class facility for your offshore team to work for your Property Management Business.

Property Management ShoreAgents

At ShoreAgents, we have a recruitment strategy that only produces the absolute best quality of talent. We filter, test, and then select only the most suited candidates to a career in Property Management. Once we have chosen, we put the newly hired employees of ShoreAgents through our Property Management Course called “Property Management 101” which covers off on the basics. Jo, the Founder of the Purple Powered VA, then handpicks the most capable and competent VA’s to undertake her Internationally recognized iiIMA training program.

We, at ShoreAgents, provide the facility for the trainees to undertake all of the training modules. You now as the customer get to interview the graduates and pick your superstar low-cost new employee.

From here the staff will start working for you and ShoreAgents will provide the office space for your VA to work comfortably on a day-to-day basis. We take care of all of the HR, Payroll, Equipment, and importantly, staff engagement. We treat all of our ShoreAgents employees like one big family so your Purple Powered VA will not just have a job with us, they have a home.