How much will I save by employing a Purple Powered VA?

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How much will I save by employing a Purple Powered VA?

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Employing a Purple Powered VA can help reduce your operating costs and save you money. With so many downward pressures on property management fees and the increasing costs of running a real estate business, it can be hard to generate a profit. That’s why we created Purple Powered VA. Scaling your real estate business with our purpose-trained property management virtual assistants can help reduce costs and boost your bottom line. But exactly how much can you save by employing a Purple Powered VA?

How much you save depends upon the size of your real estate business

To help you determine how much you will save by employing a Purple Powered VA, here are some questions to consider.

How much does it cost to keep a team member on-site?

When you hire a Purple Powered VA, you get the whole package. The cost not only includes their salary, pension and health insurance but their desk, computer, internet and any other overheads that build up as costs to your business.

How much time do your property managers spend on admin every week?

Whatever that amount of time is, consider what it would mean for your real estate business if your property managers used that time to generate more leads, win more doors and lease more properties.

How many properties does each of your property managers handle?

Imagine how many more properties your property managers could handle if most of the admin tasks were done by a virtual assistant. From our experience, a property manager with a virtual assistant can go from 150 properties to 300 properties!

How can employing a Purple Powered VA save you money?

Property management administrative tasks, such as processing new managements, tenancy renewals and rental payments, requires the assigned team member to have the knowledge, skills and experience associated with carrying out the task. However, they do not require a real estate licence or industry registration certificate since these tasks do not require direct communication with real estate clients.

Outsourcing property management administrative tasks to a Purple Powered VA, therefore, makes good business sense for many reasons. Your property manager’s productivity time increases, which allows them to focus 100% on dollar productive tasks that nurture client relationships and generate more income. Your property manager’s additional productivity time also decreases overheads, which accelerates the opportunity to grow your real estate business.

As your business grows, the salary savings, along with an upsurge in productivity time, continue to accumulate. Your property manager has an increased capacity to manage more properties, and your Purple Powered VA can increase their workload to support all administrative tasks associated with a portfolio. Your property manager may likely now have the capacity to manage more doors, offering a full service to each client.

So, does employing a Purple Powered VA save you money? Absolutely! The cost savings, coupled with the profitability increase, prove that you should consider outsourcing your real estate business’ property management administrative tasks to a Purple Powered VA.

Ready to hire your first Purple Powered VA?

By now, we hope you’re convinced about the value that a property management virtual assistant can provide to your real estate business. So, are you ready to take the next step? Hiring your first property management virtual assistant starts with selecting the right offshore staffing solution partner. At Purple Powered VA, we specialise in virtual assistants trained in property management services and operations. We understand the property management industry and only select the best talent to be Purple Powered VAs.

If you’d like to get started or find out more, contact us today for a no-obligation chat about how we can help your real estate business.

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