Frequently Asked Questions – ppVA FAQs

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Purple Powered Virtual Assistants FAQs

1. Is our ppVA entitled to any leave, sick days, or other benefits?

No. The VA is paid a set monthly fee each month based on working a 40-hour week. Any time during the month the VA decides to take off (i.e., sick leave or holidays), then such time will be deducted from your monthly ppVA invoice.

2. Will our ppVA work on Philippine Public holidays?

Yes, the VA will work on Philippine Public holidays and there is no additional cost to you.

3. Does our ppVA work on the public holidays that we observe?

The VA is paid the same amount each month to work a 40-hour week. This means that unless you agree to pay the VA to have the public holiday off, then make sure there is plenty of work for them to do whilst you are away enjoying the public holidays.

4. Am I required to pay extra for medical benefits for our ppVA?

No. Each VA understands they are responsible to fund their own medical expenses.

5. Other than our Establishment Fee and monthly fees, what other fees do you charge?

None. You only need to pay the one-off Establishment Fee and the monthly fees for your VA.

6. Do you require a deposit to be paid?

No, a deposit is not required. However, you must return the ppVA Service Agreement signed before commencing the service of the VA.

7. What is your termination notice period?

If you decide to terminate the services of your VA, we require only one (1) month’s notice.

8. Is Purple Powered VA (ppVA) incorporated in Australia?

Purple Powered VA is part of ireviloution Enterprises Pty. Ltd. ABN 90138281366.

9. How long has Purple Powered VA been trading in Australia?

ireviloution Enterprises Pty. Ltd. has been trading since July 2009. We launched Purple Powered VA in June 2020.

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