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Jo-Anne Oliveri

A leading authority on all things property management, Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, is the Founder and Managing Director of ireviloution and author of Find Your Property Manager NOW. With over 30 years’ real estate experience, she is an international real estate identity who has trained thousands of business owners and property managers worldwide.

As an industry thought leader, Jo is a regular contributor to the top real estate publications and presents at the leading Australian and North American conferences. Selected as an Industry Thought Leader of the Year finalist for the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021 Real Estate Business Awards and Industry Influencer for the 2017 Elite Agent Awards, Jo is known for creating positive change in the industry. And in the year 2020, Jo has been named Coach of the Year in the Real Estate Business Women in Real Estate Awards 2020.

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Jo-Anne Oliveri
Yvonne Purple Powered Virtual Assistant

Stephanie Elliott – Operations Manager

Yvonne processes tasks within acceptable timeframes. She clarifies and understands all aspects of tasks assigned. She keeps us updated as project/one off tasks completed.

Lovely Purple Powered Virtual Assistant

Rhonda Marshall – Office Manager

Lovely has a good understanding of our more urgent or priority tasks and which ones are the gap fillers. Lovely will always ask if there is something else she can do to help when she has completed all set tasks. Lovely is doing very well, we are very happy with her to date.

Kurt Purple Powered Virtual Assistant

Kristin Robinson – DIRECTOR

We are still exceptionally happy with Kurt and his work performance & we look forward to having him on our team in 2021.

Our Services

What we do for your assistants

We teach your Purple Powered VAs the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of property management. Through our elite training, mentoring and support, we help your virtual assistants perform at their peak, so your business does too.

Task-based learning

Task-based learning

Each assistant undertakes our PMA Service and Operations training to understand the objectives, outcomes, task flow and timelines of every property management task.
Face-to-face workshops

Purple Powered Support

From the moment you choose your VA, be assured that we are with you every step of the way, constantly working together to achieve the best of having a ppVA as part of your team.

Why Purple Powererd
Virtual Assistant Training?

  • Elite Training

    Our elite property management training gives your Purple Powered VAs the expert knowledge and know-how to seamlessly support your in-house property management team.
  • Maximum performance

    Your Purple Powered VAs are equipped with first-class training and systems that help your property management business perform at its peak, no matter where it is located in the world.
Virtual Assistant for Property Management
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